Red Rocks Initiative in Rwanda is joining forces with Monkeyfriendly, Inc. in the USA to launch global initiatives.

The aim is to strengthen and support communities where species are endangered, so that both groups benefit.

Our Initiatives

Shai Yossef, our featured artist from Israel

International Artist Initiative

This is our first launched initiative!  It’s a move to get more international artists aligned with our initiative’s vision, and out on display at Red Rocks Gallery in Rwanda.  We highlight artists that shine a spotlight on global wildlife and social causes. Which is why we are thrilled to showcase Israeli artist, Shai Yossef at the end of March. We think his work will speak for itself. Check out our social media to see his work.  Are you an artist focused on wildlife and cultural causes?  Please contact us at

Green Planet Initiative 2050 at work

Reforestation Initiative

Green Planet Initiative 2050 aligns beautifully with our shared beliefs. Their organization supports community-led reforestation efforts. Working with the native plant and tree species on the land, they draw from the expert knowledge on the ground and combine that with innovative teachings in forestry. Our initiative is in the research and planning phase. It will be led on the ground, with the support of local groups and farmers, and aligned with local governmental policies on forest and wildlife management. Our joint initiatives are designed with the needs of community members and wildlife in mind. GPI 2050 is collaborating with us to achieve it.

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Women’s Initiative

We’re looking for women leaders to teach women business skills across all disciplines.  From arts and crafts to finance and business.  Are you that special someone?  Please contact us at

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Volunteer Network

This is our initiative to use the connections from both of our resources and networks to get volunteers from around the world.  Those that can help coordinate and volunteer on all of our joint initiatives and also separate organization’s initiatives. Interested?  Please contact us at

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Field Research

We’re working on an initiative to set up a team of researchers with the goal of studying how the plants and land can be used sustainably.  Particular focus is on the responsible,  sustainable use of eucalyptus plants for medicine and raw materials.  We are looking to attract scientists, researchers, botanists, ecologists, project managers.  The research center will be set up outside of the protected forest area. Interested in volunteering?  Please contact us at

Music initiative

Music Licensing

This is based on a growing trend of artists getting paid for the music they make.  The goal is to generate an authentic, sustainable income stream from existing music that is being created at Red Rocks. Ringtones or background music for TV, radio and the like can bring artists the money they are due.  Know of an organization willing to collaborate?   Please contact us at

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University Scholarship

We are looking to attract multiple universities-worldwide, to provide a free scholarship that helps a student in a primate-area country get funded.  For their degree and potentially a project afterwards.  The focus will be on getting a conservation related degree with the goal of using that degree to advance conservation causes.  We will run a contest-based scholarship drive and a project-based scholarship for those doing promising work in the field. Know a university that might be interested in sponsoring such an opportunity?  Please contact us at

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Conservation Talks

We want to make Red Rocks a cultural destination and fun place for a night out. We already have music, art, and events. Now we're adding conservation talks as a fun activity to connect with people and learn something from the world of conservation at the same time.  As part of our blended brand of promoting community and primate conservation, our talks will focus on both.  We plan to show these talks outside and allow people to join remotely by video as well as live in-person. Would you like to offer your series to us for free in exchange for cross-promotion?  Please contact us at

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Water Project

We have just completed a community needs assessment showing the impact of this project on wildlife and people. The impact is tremendously interconnected. A UK water charity with a proven track record of community-based conservation projects in Africa is reviewing our proposal now. If approved, it will be run by the community and set up to be self-sustaining.

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Skills and Trainings

We want to create opportunities around new skills and development for men and women.  We are looking for people with experience in various technical, trade, business and craft skills to come out to Red Rocks and offer training.  Interested?  Please contact us at


  • Youth Conservation Education Project

Focus on kids ages 4-7. Conservation education program will be developed for early learners, based at Red Rocks in Rwanda. Through sports, drama and traditional learning, kids will learn important conservation messages. It is being developed in collaboration with experts in the primate and habitat conservation fields. Interested in volunteering as a teacher or curriculum developer? Please contact us at

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We know that investing in people, invests in the root causes that we are trying to address.  Threats to culture, habitat, and species.  Microloan programs will help local entrepreneurs expand their businesses for maximum impact.  Know of a reputable microloan program?  Please contact us at


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Red Rocks Monkeyfriendly Branded products

Our product line is no different from the rest of our joint initiatives. It’s designed with people and wildlife in mind. Our focus is on populations living near the protected forest area. We will start this initiative by expanding and branding a local, organic honey line made onsite at Red Rocks. Then we will work with a local coffee coop to get their product sold internationally, expanding the impact on local cultures and primates.

Our coffee is sourced from farmers’ cooperatives that grow coffee at high altitude and high volcanic soil, to ensure the highest level of quality. The coffee-growing system in Gicumbi and along the Kivu Belt has important consequences on primates and other species and natural habitat as well. Locals grow coffee near the protected areas where the primates live.

Our initiative helps improve the lives of villagers growing the coffee by training them, and paying them premium wages, thus stopping farmers from poaching and collecting firewood from the forest to make ends meet. Both people and wildlife in the Gicumbi district (Northern Province) near the volcanoes National Park, Rutsiro district, (Western Province) near Gishwati National park and Nyamasheke districts(Western Province ) near to Nyungwe National park benefit from this project.

Our aim is to conserve the primates’ habitat by improving law enforcement on habitat protection and species conservation; raising conservation awareness, and providing scientific information on endangered primates and habitats, reducing habitat degradation and fragmentation in the protected areas. Look for our line soon, “Sweet Impact!”-Impacting Communities, Wildlife & Biodiversity.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. In a gentle way, you can shake the world."

-Mahatma Gandhi

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